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Second hand machines have established a global market in used machines, due to the expansion, widespread use of metal industry products in our country and all over the world, related to sheet metal processing and machine tools used in industry, and the technical details of technology, equipment used on the machine and Used machines are an alternative source in the sector with the advancement of their capacities.

Second-hand machines purchase and sale, especially large enterprises and developed countries and in Turkey who provide temporally greater advantage in manufacturing for the current generation of machines, renovation of the machines in use in a given process to improve the machinery of precision and performance ratio and new businesses and Producers who want to move their technology to a higher class prefer second-hand machines that are cost-effective and in production and purchase second-hand machines for their businesses, further increasing the need for second-hand machinery. Expomach.com platform provides the best support and partnership to its customers and domestic businesses in this regard.

How to Sell Used Machinery?

Domestic large or medium-sized companies, companies that buy and sell second-hand machinery register for free on our website and create the announcement of used machines, these advertisements are approved by your expomach representative or request more information, are published after the announcement is approved and expomach.com It shares your machine with potential customers and lists it on the website. For more information, click the SALES page.

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