How Expomach Work?

Machine buy and sell from TURKEY thanks to Expomach very easy.

We find machines to meet needs of the buyers with experienced staff in sheet metal processing sector. We believe in producing solutions with hardly and dynamic colleagues, we respond to customer expectations in a good way. We send machine Owner sellers demand of customer and share all the necessary details to the buyer companies abroad.

Our experienced team doing all export works thanks to saves time for seller. And you can overcome all difficulties with Expomach easily.


User publishes the machines he wants to sell from add machine field by making membership transactions from system.


Expomach will check by experienced staff. We will translate into machine advertisement to English and photographs and technical information are arranged and sales potential is maximized. Offered to thousands of potential customers around the world.


Machine customer enables fast and easy accessibility to desired product around clock by EXPOMACH . Our sales team responds to all buyers' questions quickly. Seller and Buyer companies gain time with Expomach system


Expomach sales representative is able to provide multilingual communication between potential Buyers and Sellers. And discusses all technical details and import and export transactions with foreign trade operation knowledge. Our customers during visit to seller company with Expomach personel supports verification of all technical details. It provides fast and complete contact between Buyer and Seller. After visit, Buyer and the Seller decided to settle the agreement. Expomach team complete sales transactions.


Expomach team with foreign trade expert and experienced personel makes all necessary export transactions for seller. Preparing documents such as Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Bill of Lading, CMR, ATR 1, Euro 1, Form A, Certificate of origin, which the buyer needs in buyer's country for import process, drafts are send buyer without printing originals and take confirm.


Expomach team speak with seller about required equipment and send it to loading address. Safe loading and lasing fixed procedures are followed by Expomach team. And sends all import documents to buyer by truck or DHL, TNT Express Cargo. Buyer receveid truck and make custom clearance with the import documents . And Buyer will add machine to production park.