Heavy duty lathe Craven 3684 x 15000 mm

İlan No : 20570657

195.000 €

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Tornalar Agır tip tornalar > 3001mm Heavy duty lathe Craven 3684 x 15000 mm

  • Uzunluk 15240 mm
  • Genişlik 4267 mm
  • Yükseklik 1840 mm
  • Çalıştığı saat miktarı 1
  • Makine Ağırlığı 1 kg

Specifications Lathe for sale: Heavy duty lathe Craven 3684 x 15000 mm. All details of this offer (condition, price, delivery terms) will be received from our manager by clicking "Request Price". We can also help with finding other equipment for your needs. Height of Centres 1842 mm Maximum Distance between Centres 15240 mm Overall lenght of Bed 21457 mm Width over Bed Shears 4267 mm The maximum load on Centres 100 tons Angle of Centres 90° Maximum Swing in Diameter over Saddles 3251 mm Number of Front Saddles Two Number of Rear Saddles One Number of Auxiliary Screwcutting Slides One Number of Auxiliary Milling Attachments One Number of Auxiliary Grinding Attachments One Headstock Front Spindle Bearing 610 x 1016 mm Headstock Rear Spindle Bearing 379 x 610 mm Headstock Faceplate Diameter 3353 mm Maximum Gripping Diameter Externally 3099 mm Minimum Gripping Diameter Externally 216 mm Maximum Gipping Diameter Internally 3518 mm Minimum Gripping Diameter Internally 635 mm Maximum Capacity of open type Pad Stay 1400 mm Minimum Capacity of open type Pad Stay 600 mm

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